Prioritised Planning is referred to in the PIDD ACOP.  To have a prioritised plan is mandatory. 

The way you do it is not mandatory - and so the ideas behind the "template", the ideas of separating strands of a plan (learning from Biggleswade), the idea of explaining your reasoning for prioritising (learning from other case studies)  are all just offered for your interest and consideration.  These are ideas which are being tried out in practice by people coming through the workshop - so far, the ideas are taking hold but it is early days.

The whole purpose is to get tighter plans based on better information...could it help you?  Is it helping you?  Have you improved it? 

See here for a real Southern Control example of prioritised planning on a combined log .

We talk about CSL2 and Manadatory Service Disruption Threshold Delays on the programme - here are the levels for the various TOCs AS AT SEPTEMBER 2010.  Please use with caution as some TOCs are in the process of agreeing an alteration on these...