During the workshop groups thnk up questions which are useful to ask when creating a prioritised plan.  When the group likes a question it gets included here. 

 To Signallers Did the failure occur with the paage of a train -if so in what direction?
 To SME (cable failure)  What is effected and what can be recovered?
 Techs Does the equipment have a part number youcan see?
 The Caller What can you see?
 Staff on Site What is the weather like there?
 Fitter Will the fault transfer to the assisting unit?
 Police Are officers clear of the line?
 ARMs Could you give me geographical references
 Signaller What is it that we can't do given that is the problem?
 Line side/ARM Will you need a gap in service?
 Shunter What is the coupling on the unit
 Network Rail What is the farmer's telephone number
 To engineers What are the implications of taking back a possesion or delaying the start of a possesion?
 Station Team Manager How many customers are being/will be delayed?
 Station Team Manager What else do you need in our messaging to help you get people on their way?
To Control romm senior
 I have created a plan with colleagues buy in from TOCs /NR - do we have to change it now - will your plan be better?
 From Control Do you understand? (not just repeat)
 What is the service gap? -When is the last service in this area? 

To Control what do you want me to do - where do you want me to go
 From Control  What do response staff need from the signaller? (track access wise - how long?)
 from control Would a longer block give us a more  cost efficient solution than the stop start (is there a better way of doing this?)
To station and signallers ask signallers where they are located near stations to get Cust Serv manager to put special stops on.
 To TOC How long will it take to get the air built up on the units (or may forget extra air)
To siteIf putting machines on the track where is it going on and where else will its movement effect?
 From Control to site and TOCs What effect is relief of staff on site going to have on estimates?
to site have we got a runner on operational staff?
 road traffic suppliers are you sending double deckers (potential route change)
 to site / TOC etc  
  why do you think the job will take the time you've said - could you break it down for me a bit?