Thank you to all the contributors of the ideas , examples and best practice  - to Mark Hendry, Martin Smithers and the very kind Network Rail lady who I met at Friarsbridge House last year.

As at January 20101- we were half way through our workshop run and the half time result has been taken from the evaluations with the an average of "very good" on all the following:  the value of the workshop, the usefulness of the new content, the usefulness of the refresh of existing knowledge and most important the usefulness of the learning once back at work.

This website is like a staff room for controllers  - a place where you can talk shop, find out what other people are doing, put things up on the notice board you think people may find useful - or just throw in the odd comment or question .

If you have been on the workshop and want fresh handouts go to the workshop page,  find quirky questions in the Question Bank and look at what other people are up to in the examples area.

The website is co ordinated by the workshop facilitator Fiona Tordoff from Whitebridge Consultancy and is set to stay in place until April 2011.  Any outputs from the collective thinking of you all will then be put back to you and your organisations for your ongoing use.

Passenger Information During Disruption (PIDD) is the pan industry project which gave rise to the concept of improving the prioritised planning abilities of Controllers.  The main PIDD ACOP can be downloaded by clicking the link here



Whitebridge Consultancy prepared the PIDD course including its case studies.

If you have any queries or would like to speak to them about development work in your organisation please email

or call 01785 286412  mobile 07989 436546